Stakeholder Relations

mutually beneficial relationships

Renergen recognises that our success is deeply intertwined with effective stakeholder relations. We are committed to fostering transparent, collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with investors, communities, landowners, government, regulators, employees, and partners. Our dedication to stakeholder engagement aligns with ethical business practices and fuels our mission to drive sustainable and innovative solutions in the renewable energy industry.

We take a comprehensive approach to community engagement in the Matjhabeng and Masiloyana municipalities and respond proactively to our communities’ needs and concerns. We strive to avoid and minimise negative community impacts and to address them promptly and thoroughly if they do occur.


Renergen works to create a positive socio-economic impact, responding to societal challenges in our communities, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the local community and landowners. We lay the groundwork for our success by nurturing relationships within these communities.

We take pride in our community engagement, aiming to build respectful and collaborative relationships. This commitment contributes to our business success and we strive to align with the well-being of our communities.

Our formal stakeholder feedback mechanism enables community members to provide feedback by email, WhatsApp, telephone, and other avenues. Once received, we follow a formal process to collect, record, investigate and respond to issues. This includes the following steps:


We value our long-term relationships with all our landowners and commit to proactively engaging with them across the life cycle of our operations and identifying, managing, and mitigating potential environmental and social risks in accordance with applicable laws and legislation.

We regularly engage with landowners from the earliest planning stages through permitting and construction, and on an ongoing basis once operations begin. We prioritise building relationships with them to understand and address potential concerns with our project, and we have formal feedback mechanisms in place.

Our Integrated Annual Reports provide further information about our stakeholder engagement and value creation.

Further information about our stakeholder engagement and value creation is provided in our Integrated Annual Reports.

Emergency Contact: To report any emergency or incident at our Virginia Gas Plant, please call 0800 123 456 (24/7)