enhance the resilience and prosperity of communities

Our programs and initiatives aim to enhance the resilience and prosperity of host communities by supporting employees, local businesses, and municipalities in achieving national socio-economic development goals and empowerment of the communities in Matjhabeng and Masiloyana.

Our current approved Social and Labour Plan (SLP) was approved in July 2021 (by PASA) and is effective until July 2026. Our active engagement with regulatory bodies underscores our commitment to sustainable development, ethical conduct, and the holistic well-being of the regions in which we operate.

pioneering cleaner energy

Tetra4 History

We provide biannual progress reports to the Petroleum Agency of South Africa (PASA). Our SLP has been compiled in accordance with the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (Act No. 28 of 2002). Other legislation and regulations relevant to the plan include:

For further information about our approach to empowering communities and fostering socio-economic development, please refer to our ESG Reports.