Bursaries are an essential component of our strategy, which aims to facilitate the empowerment of talented individuals within the area in which we operate. We see it as our responsibility to support capacity building within the industry and the community so that these individuals can realise their full potential.

Our goal is to develop competent individuals from the Matjhabeng and Masilonyana municipalities of the Free State. Bursaries will be distributed to a combination of secondary school and tertiary-level students. Renergen commits to investing in people from these areas to help with youth development to implement this intention.

Bursary applications are now closed for 2024

Our Primary Goals

To support recognised high school students from the local community who have the ability to enter the production or energy industry and suitable students from the local community who wish to receive training at a Higher Education and Training (HET) institution.

The purpose of the bursaries is to encourage the further development of talents that could be useful either at our head office in Johannesburg or at our Virginia Gas Plant in Virginia, Free State.

Our policy directs us to award scholarships and bursaries by supplying a standardised and transparent framework for the decision-making process. This framework is designed following the strategic goals of the company.

Preferred fields of study for tertiary bursary applications

The Renergen bursary program aims to increase our potential in the disciplines of study pertaining to engineering, geology and environmental studies.

Additionally, the program intends to increase the involvement of women and those who have historically been at a disadvantage.

Those who are academically qualified and would like to continue their education in one of the following fields are encouraged to apply for the bursary:

No bursaries will be awarded for fields of study not listed above. Applicants should apply based on a genuine interest in the fields mentioned above.