Ethics and Compliance

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Renergen’s Code of Conduct and Ethics

Renergen’s Code of Conduct and Ethics provides a foundation for our values and sets clear employee expectations.

Our suppliers, vendors, contractors, and consultants are also expected to provide services or goods in compliance with our Code of Conduct and Ethics or their own written code of conduct.

We have established stakeholder communications and grievance mechanisms to give communities or individuals a platform to raise concerns or complaints about Renergen and its operations.

Furthermore, we encourage all stakeholders to report practices that conflict with any law or regulation, our ethical codes, and other company governance policies, through the Whistle Blowers hotline. 

What should be reported?

We want stakeholders to feel comfortable in reporting instances where they believe violations of policies or standards have occurred. Any stakeholder can report inappropriate actions or behaviour without fear of adverse consequences.

If you become aware of a circumstance or action that appears to violate the Renergen Values, Code of Conduct and Ethics, Renergen policies or laws we are subject to, or any human rights violations, you should contact the Whistle-Blowers Hotline.

Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd Hotline

Our ethics hotline can be reached 24/7


0800 444 003




086 52 22 816