Human Capital

A person wearing safety goggles, a helmet, and protective gloves is operating industrial equipment. They are adjusting valves and gauges on a complex machinery system with various pipes and hoses in an outdoor setting.

our human capital

Our people are our most valuable asset and the driving force of our business. Employee relations are based on mutual respect and trust. Our workplace fosters productivity and inclusivity and empowers all employees to do their best. We subscribe to fair labour practices and encourage local employment opportunities.

An overview on our Remuneration Policy, can be found in our Integrated Annual Reports. 

Physical Wellbeing

All employees are members of a registered medical scheme. We encourage all employees to take part in our wellness days.

Emotional Wellbeing

Employee Wellness is critical to our success. Through our ICAS Employee Wellbeing Programme, we are dedicated to ensuring that our employees' health and well-being are cared for in the workplace and at home.

Financial Wellbeing

We have a fair and responsible pay policy with remuneration structures that reflect our values and reward performance.

Diversity, Equity and inclusion

Our strength comes from the collective expertise of our diverse workforce. We believe diverse thinking and an inclusive work environment encourage human ingenuity and creative problem-solving.

Three individuals sit at a long desk in front of computer monitors in a brightly lit room with large windows. They appear focused, working on their respective tasks. The environment suggests it may be an office or control room.