About Renergen

Renergen is South Africa’s first onshore natural gas explorer and the first integrated producer of both liquefied helium (LHe) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), both of which are produced from the natural gas found in our vast proven reserves that underpin our Virginia Gas Project, which includes:

our primary focus

Our primary focus is commercialising the Virginia Gas Project to unlock value across the entire value chain. Our ‘wellhead to tank’ strategy, sees us beneficiate gas and supply refined products directly to the customer.

Our principal asset is our 94,5% equity ownership in Tetra4 Proprietary Limited (Tetra4), which holds South Africa’s first and only onshore petroleum production right (the Production Right) issued by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE).  

An aerial view of an industrial plant with multiple buildings, storage tanks, and machinery, set against a landscape with green fields and a sky with pink and purple clouds at sunset.
Exterior of an industrial facility with large metal structures and blue buildings under a clear blue sky. Gravel ground and visible pipelines are present.

our location

Our Virginia Gas Project is located in the Free State, approximately 250 km southwest of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Based on the drilled and flow-tested wells, our average helium concentration exceeds 3.0%, well above typical conventional natural gas reservoirs containing helium in small concentrations (less than 0.5%).

Our natural gas offers a less carbon-intensive substitute for South Africa’s existing transport fuel, thermal fuel and power.