Environmental sustainability and protection are at the forefront of our operation. As a producer of helium and domestic natural gas producer, we recognise the importance of energy supply and power generation whilst managing our environmental impacts.

ESG Frameworks

We acknowledge that our operations may impact our natural environment and the communities where we operate. As responsible citizens of our communities, we strive towards mitigating adverse effects arising from our actions.

Renergen is aligned with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards, which are designed to help avoid, mitigate, and manage risks and impacts as a way of doing business sustainably, including stakeholder engagement and disclosure obligations. 

We further align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). The UNSDGs are integrated—they recognise that action in one area will affect outcomes in others and that development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Policies and Compliance

We abide by all laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate, including compliance with anti-bribery and corruption laws, anti-trust laws, and anti-money laundering regulations. This is supported by our Code of Conduct and Ethics.  Renergen’s commitment to responsible environmental management is outlined in our SHERQ Policy.

For the full list of our policies, procedures and practices that govern not only ESG, but everything we do, visit our Charters and Policies page.