Phase 2

expansion of the Virginia Gas Project with phase 2

We commenced the development of our Phase 2 expansion of the Virginia Gas Project in March 2020, with early engineering and project securing project financing.

Phase 2 involves expanding our current operations through several key initiatives. This includes drilling approximately 350-450 new productive wells. We’ll also be constructing a natural gas gathering network of pipes. Additionally, a significantly larger processing and liquefaction facility is planned, capable of producing 32,600 MMBtu per day of LNG and 894 mcf per day of liquid helium. To support distribution, we’ll deploy a fleet of at least 35 road tankers, servicing 30 downstream customer dispensing facilities. These facilities will have onsite storage, dispensers, or vaporizers, all equipped with the necessary automation and safety systems. This vertical integration into the value chain is expected to enhance both revenue and profitability.