Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond avoiding and mitigating impacts on sensitive species and habitats. We understand the importance of preserving and restoring the land disturbed by our operations, and manage this through our comprehensive closure planning and continuous rehabilitation process.

From the beginning of our project development, we start thinking about how to return the land to a stable and productive state once our operations are complete. This involves a thorough analysis of various land use options, considering environmental factors and the concerns and objectives of the local community.

We believe involving the host communities and other stakeholders in this process is crucial. We engage in open dialogue and collaboration to ensure their voices are heard and their perspectives are considered. By working together, we can create a closure plan that not only meets regulatory requirements but also aligns with the needs and aspirations of the community.

Throughout the life of our operation, we regularly update our closure plans to adapt to any changes in regulatory requirements. We understand that regulations evolve and are committed to complying with them. Our close collaboration with regulators ensures that we are constantly updated with the latest requirements and can make the necessary adjustments to our plans.