Our Values

pioneering cleaner energy

Our vision is to pioneer cleaner energy solutions, is guided by the principle of 'Do No Harm: To Our People, To Our World

The operating philosophy that helps us achieve our goal of pioneering cleaner energy is an emphasis on carbon emission reductions, a focus on the development of a regenerative resource, and a dedication to cleaner and purer natural gas and liquefied helium production from a source that has almost zero higher alkanes or sulphur.

Our Vision

Do no harm: to our people, to our world.

Our Mission

Enabling a greener future through a just energy transition, and furthering cutting edge advancements in science, technology, and space exploration through early stage development of strategic natural resource assets with high purity critical rare elements, while leveraging the asset through value chain integration and investment.

Our Values

Our values guide all decisions and actions taken in the conduct of our business. These values link our business activities to environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities.