Emerging helium and gas producer Renergen has struck a deal with a SA logistics company for the manufacture and purchase of its new helium-powered vaccine storage cases, ahead of phase 2 of SA’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout programme, which begins in May.

DPD Laser is an express courier company that operates under the Dawn Wing brand in SA. Renergen, listed on the JSE and in Australia, is developing a natural gas and helium project in the Free State and in December 2020 announced its invention of the Cryo-Vacc — a case that keeps the vaccines ultra-cold during transportation for weeks, allowing them to travel for longer and reach remote areas.

The agreement between Renergen and DPD Laser relates to a fixed purchase of 110 Cryo-Vacc cases, in a combination of three sizes — with the largest carrying up to 2,400 vials — and will be delivered in May 2021.

While the agreement is not material to Renergen from a revenue perspective, the company said it represents a significant milestone as it commences the manufacturing of its trademarked Cryo-Vacc cases.

“Given the current uncertainty around which vaccines will be used at various vaccination points across SA, we have the ideal solution, storage and distribution,” said DPD Laser CEO Anton Visagie. “Our technology can handle all three required temperatures [for the different vaccines] of 2ºC to -8ºC, -20ºC and -70ºC without being dependent on an external power supply for periods between seven and 35 days.”

The company, whose share price has more than doubled so far in 2021, recently announced its first direct helium-supply deal with iSi Automotive.

Renergen shares were up 1.36% to R25.40 on Wednesday.

Lisa Steyn
21 April 2021