LNG and helium producer Renergen (RLT) has signed a new natural gas supply agreement with niche market transport service provider Logico Logistics Group.

Under the agreement, Logico will be able to access RLT’s LNG via Total service stations along the N3 route between Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa.

The transport solutions provider will also become the first customer to access Renergen’s LNG gas at Total brand fuel stations — after the two companies signed a marketing and distribution deal signed earlier this year.

RLT CEO Stefano Marani said signing Logico showed how sustainable solutions were on the rise among businesses.

“Adoption of sustainable solutions in business has reached a tipping point, and partners like Logico are amongst those leading the pack,” he said.

“We are proud to be their supplier of clean fuel and look forward to a long relationship together,” he added.

Logico Managing Director Clint Brook said the switch to LNG where possible will reduce savings and reduce emissions.

“Dual Fuel trucks are undoubtedly the way forward and the ability to implement is on our doorstep,” Clint said.

“Full gas trucks will become a reality in the medium term when Renergen expands it’s production and footprint in South Africa and the outlook for green energy is very exciting,” he added.

Shares in Renergen (RLT) are up 3.35 per cent at the close of market, worth $1.08 each.