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Renergen has developed the ground-breaking Cryo-Vacc, which enables the safe transportation of vaccines at the required extremely low temperatures and for periods of up to 30 days, without the need for any power supply.

Renergen is proud to have developed this innovative concept, at a time when the world is seeking solutions on how to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Defeating the virus will take collaboration and for that reason we are actively looking for partners with significantly more resources than us to roll-out the large-scale manufacture of the Renergen Cryo-Vacc – in particular global logistics companies who are responsible for the transportation of biologics and vaccines.

With the Renergen Cryo-Vacc, transportation of these vaccines can be achieved in a cost effective manner, given the relatively small size and weight. Depending on where and how the helium is sourced, the operating cost of the case should be under US$3 per month for each dose.

Importantly, moving the Renergen Cryo-Vacc between origin and destination more frequently will significantly reduce this operating cost.

Why is this a cool idea?

  • Strict temperature-controlled packaging solution for biologics and vaccines.
  • Small and compact which makes transportation in remote areas easy.
  • Reduces the requirements for numerous touchpoints in the cold chain.
  • Enables transportation of biologics and vaccines, from manufacturer to location.
  • Reduces the risk of losses associated with temperature excursions.
  • Keeps temperature constant for up to 30 days.
  • GPS-enabled temperature sensors, to track location and monitor temperature.

Challenges the Renergen Cryo-Vacc, will solve

  • Pharmaceutical companies have unique complex supply chain requirements. Typically the delivery of biologics and vaccines require a number of handoffs from the manufacturing site, storage depots, and various modes of transport, to reach the ultimate destination.
  • Provides control over the integrity of the doses, with regards to temperature monitoring is difficult to manage and control and even more so in remote areas.
  • GPS-enabled temperature sensors, to track location and monitor temperature remotely.
  • More and more clinical trials, will require the delivery of temperature-sensitive drugs in the future. The Renergen Cryo-Vacc, can be used to transport not only the COVID-19 vaccine, but other vaccines and biologics as well.

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