Who We Are

Our intention is to capitalise on our strong acquisition pipeline to build a diversified portfolio of investments focused on the alternative and renewable energy sector. We target investments with the significant potential to unlock profits across the value chain. Our strategy is to take investment opportunities from early stage to revenue production. Our executive team has extensive expertise in the sector and an entrepreneurial approach to maximising the profitability of our investee companies. We will deliver capital growth through the creation of value.


  1. 2014SeptemberRenergen established
  2. 2015JuneListed on the JSE’s AltX exchange as first primary listed SPAC
    NovemberAcquisition of Tetra4, a natural gas and helium
  3. 2016JanuaryCommence construction of initial compression facilities for Tetra4MayCompleted construction of first compression facility for Tetra4
    Tetra4 begins production, supplying compressed natural gas (“CNG”) to Megabus, a division of Unitrans Passenger Proprietary Limited
    Helium off take agreement with Linde Group concluded


To capitalise on the unprecedented growth in the alternative energy sector by delivering superior and sustainable economic returns to shareholders.


Renergen is an integrated alternative and renewable energy business that invests in early stage energy projects across Africa and emerging markets.



The first JSE listed company in the alternative energy sector


A deep understanding of alternative energy sector and enhancing the resources to their best advantage


Endless possibilities in underutilised energy resources


Consistently exploring opportunities from challenges faced on the African continent


Reduction of carbon footprint and access to energy are primary goals