Do you know of any historical gas blowers on your farm?

In our strive to deliver clean, green energy to our customers, we need your assistance.
R50,000 could be yours if you have a big gas blower on your farm.

Step 1

Stakeholders to send WhatsApp to our Community Liaison Officer (CLO) on 083 276 4847, to let us know which farm the blower is on, without the exact details of the location.

Step 2

CLO will log all the information and share with Exploration Team to establish status of borehole as either catalogued or not.

Step 3

CLO and Exploration team member visits site, or farm to inspect borehole.

Step 4

Exploration team tests flow.

Testing will be as follows to confirm composition and flow:

  1. Log hole to confirm depth of gas flow, water ingress, responsible formation, possible fracture orientation, casing etc;
  2. Collect sample of gas;
  3. Flow and Flare for 10 consecutive days – we will measure flow this way to see if it meets the threshold.
  4. Based on the above we will see if the blower meets our flow requirements.

Step 5

Confirm gas flow meets requirements

Step 6

Pay finder’s fee for every uncatalogued gas blower discovered that produces more than 15,000 standard cubic feet per day (“scf/d”).

For more information please contact Mirna de Hart at mirna@renergen.co.za our Community Liaison Officer (CLO) on 083 276 4847.

Terms and conditions apply.